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Automotive Trade Database with over 20 years experience of working in the motor industry have put together the most direct, cost effective way of reaching decision makers at independent or franchise dealerss in the motor industry.

Through our contacts we have put together a database of 20,000 emails, which we consider to be unrivalled as far as quantity and quality of data. We email your stock or services directly to them, allowing the decision maker to respond straight back with a sale or enquiry.

Whats more with our experience and knowledge of how the motor industry thinks, we know how to make the product easy for you to use and also how to make it work well for you

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An Introduction


  • If you work in the Motor Industry and would like to increase your sales and find new customers Automotive Trade Database has the answer
  • Through our unique database of over 20,000 motor industry decision makers
    Who we reach with Email Marketing

  • THE MOST DIRECT and COST EFFECTIVE way to attract more business

Largest Motor Trade Audience


  • Franchised dealers
  • Independent garages
  • Service garages, most of who also sell cars
  • Emails are only sent to decision makers in the motor trade who have opted-in to receive information about automotive2 products and services
  • Augmented with additional qualified records (telesales and internet research)
  • Data is in regular use so always up to date
  • New contacts added daily
  • Amendments dealt with daily

Getting the Message Across


  • While working closely with all segments of the motor industry, we have built up an expertise on how to tailor your message to maximise your response
  • Because we know that with the right message our emailing works we offer design advice FREE OF CHARGE
  • We use a trusted email sender
  • We think of a good subject line
  • We recommend sending with the right consistency and frequency
  • We recommend varying the message to keep things interesting. PR pieces, competitions, downloadable guides, surveys etc

Immediate Deliverability


  • Unlike print adverts, you can develop a campaign in the morning and have your message/offers/stocklists delivered in the afternoon
  • Orders within minutes
  • And money in your bank within hours

Reach the Right Person


  • Your message goes direct to the decision makers Inbox

Maximum Information


  • Using links your adverts becomes 3 dimensional, allowing you to promote an almost infinite amount of information
  • Links to your PDF brochures, websites
  • Links to join your mailing list for list of products

Interactive Medium


  • Email marketing delivers your message to your market rather than having to rely on your market coming to you

Immediate Results


  • Recipients response can be more than informative
  • It can be immediately transactional
  • By using links to an order form, online auction etc.

Proven ROI


  • We know our email marketing works because, through our broadcast platforms
  • You have full visibility of results
  • Allowing you to measure easily who bought, who looked, who downloaded pdf etc.
  • Providing valuable marketing feedback for future campaigns


Single Send
1 sending
Standard Report
Free Design & artwork advice
Partial Lead Generation Data
Total cost £350 + VAT
On demand User
3 sendings
Tailored Report
Free Design & artwork advice
Full Lead Generation Data
Total Cost £600 + VAT
Quarterly User
12 sendings*
Tailored Reports
Free Design & artwork advice
Other volume discount available depending on frequency
Full lead generation data
Price Subject To Prepayment Terms*
Total cost £2,100*
Annual User
52 sendings*
Tailored Reports
Free Design & artwork advice
Other volume discount available depending on frequency
Full lead generation data
Price Subject To Prepayment Terms*
Total cost £5200*

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For further information and to enquire about advertising rates please email adam@automotivetradedatabase.co.uk

Adam Chambers

0044 (20) 3239 5685
skype: adam.chambers29

Company registration Number: 08167324

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